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Silica Sol Investment Casting

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Key Features of Silica Sol Lost Wax Investment Casting in KeLin

  • Casting tolerance DCTG-5-6

  • Fine surface finish Ra 6.3-Ra 3.2

  • Wide range of Ferrous Metal selection ,According to EN、DIN、BS、
     AISI、ASTM、JIS standards.

  • Surface Treatment Options

  • Min wall thickness 3-5mm

  • Casting Capacity is currently at Monthly 60 tons, Annually 720 tons.

  • Reduced need for maching and welding

  • Ability to make Small to Large Casting Parts (5 grams to 60 Kg, Max
     Dimension:700 mmx700mmx400mm)

  • Complex Structure and Geometries in a single cast or by Special Techniques

  • Quality control system is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and CE/PED for pressurized

  • Inhouse precision machining & stainless steel mirror polishing

Foundry Display

Special Techniques

For very complex inner contours and deep holes that are hard to clear the casting shell residues, Kelin apply ceramic core and water soluble core process to realize production.

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