Enterprize News

Enterprize News

New CNC Vertical Lathe In Application! Boosting Machining Quality, Cost-Saving and Machining Range!

Release Time:2022-07-27

 CNC Vertical Lathe In Operation


    As an investment casting foundry continuously investing in and upgrading our machining capability, our newly installed CNC Vertical Lathe has been put into application since the beginning of 2022. With this new capital investment in operation, we managed successfully to redesign machining procedures for parts that were formerly machined on our 3&4 axis Machining Centres. Thus, more machining capacities are released and are given way for our running orders. A more direct pricing on our investment cast turned parts with heavy radial loads are realized.

    This new machinery delivers us also the below machining and technical progress for our investment cast parts that require value-adding processing:

    • Avoiding tendency caused by inertia against oval deformation in the radial direction.
    • High and Stable Machining precision achieved through firm clamping between part and machining jig reinforced by the workpiece’s self-weight.
    • Compatibility with Large, thin, Heavy and Workpiece of irregular shapes.
    • Simplicity to clamp workpiece of irregular shapes reduces the need and cost to make machining jigs.

Exemplary Workpieces

Flange Sealing Surface Sealing surface Vertically turned

Sealing surface Vertically turned

Connection Bridge Vertically Turned


Equipment configuration




Max. work-piece weight KG  7000

Largest Rotating Diameter


ø 750 

Largest Turning Diameter


ø 550 

Main Shaft Rotating Speed






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