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KeLin's CNC Precision Machining

Over the years, KeLin's growing machining capability has provided his customer with more added-value and options in casting items with further machining requirement.

KeLin's machining capability include General drilling&Threading, Precision turning, milling and EDM, Wire Cutting and Sealing Groove turning for Surface with pressure requirements.

KeLin's machining workshop consists of its own general drilling&threading, CNC Precision Turning and 3&4 Axis CNC machining center.

Our casting engineers and machining engineers work closely together to discuss about raw casting calibration, machining process and machining jig design to deliver a better fit of the raw casting in further precision or general machining process.

Key Statistics

  • Finest Machined Surface Ra 0.8-1.6

  • 8 Sets of CNC Precision turning equipment

  • 6 Sets of General Drilling&Threading Equipment

  • 1 CMM Inspecting Machine

  • Tightest Machined Tolerance ≤ 0.02mm

  • 6 Sets of 3 Axis CNC Machining Center

  • 2 Sets of 4 Axis

  • 5 Engineers, 10 QCs, 40 Operators

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