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The precision casting process (also called Lost wax casting or investment casting) is the best and populor way to make your parts which have highly requirements. There are three main benefits to use this casting process than sand casting process and waterglass casting process:

1.complex design structures-----Thin wall-thickness,deep holes(slot), very smaller unit weight pieces could also be casted with this precision casting process

2.various materials-----All steel and stainless-steel materials as well as aluminum alloys, brass and bronze can be cast
3.Tight tolerances and high quality surfaces-----this benefit could make the users save machining cost on the part and also save time for production.


Kelin`s Advantages:
1.Toolings design and making in our own pattern shop.
2.Materials: Steel, high-grade and stainless steel alloys according to DIN, EN, ISO, ASTM, BS, JCSI.
3.Weight & Dimensions: unit weight per piece from 5g to 50kg. Dimensions Max. 500 x 500 x 500 mm.
4.Tolerances: According to ISO8602 CT6 or VDG P690 grade D2
5.Surface roughness: Ra 3.2
6.Surface treatment: Hot-dip galvanised, Cr6 free Plating, glass bead or sand blasting, priming, electro-polishing, hand polishing mirror or satin,pickling, passivate, etc.
7.Checking equipment: Chemical analysis by spectrometer, mechanical properties for tensile strength, yield stress, X-ray, MPI,NDTpressure testing, 3-D co-ordinate CNC measuring machine,etc.
8.Quality System: ISO 9001:2008